Dino Dana Season 4 Premiere Date

Will the adventure series starring Michela Luci return for season 4th on Amazon Video?

Dino Dana Season 4 Release Date

Dino Dana creator J.J. Johnson not yet renewed season 4 for the action Series. If a renewal will be confirmed we should see it on August 25th, 2023 near the same time as 3. Here's everything we know about new season, including schedule, rumors, cast, spoilers and plot.

Countdown to Season 4 Release

Dino Dana Season 4th cast: Who is returning?

Some new members probably join the 4 season as well. Dana Jain role will be played Michela Luci and Saara Jain role will play a Saara Chaudry. As well as Trek Buccino (Trek Henderson), Dad role will take Amish Patel, Ms. Currie will be played Jayne Eastwood, Nicola Correia-Damude as Mom, actor Bill Cobbs as Mr. Hendrickson and Millie Davis (Riley).

About Dino Dana

Dino Dana is a follow-up to the 2015 Emmy award-winning series Dino Dan: Trek's Adventures, Dino Dana is a preschool program that takes viewers on a whole new level of dinosaur encounters. Combining live-action with CGI animation, the series features 11 new prehistoric creatures and, for the first time, two sisters. After a chance encounter with Trek and his Dino Field Guide, Dana (Michela Luci), a "paleontologist in training," begins to see dinosaurs all around her, leading to plenty of action and adventure. Every episode shares interesting dinosaur facts and applies them to kid-relatable experiences.

Dino Dana Season 4 premiere date and schedule

Season 4 will consist of 13 episodes. They will be available to stream online on Amazon Video immediately after release. Premiere episode starting on August 25th, 2023. TV Show episodes will release on Fridays. Detailed schedule presented inside table below.

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
4X01Episode 1August 25, 2023
4X02Episode 2August 25, 2023
4X03Episode 3October 2, 2023
4X04Episode 4September 1, 2023
4X05Episode 5September 8, 2023
4X06Episode 6September 8, 2023
4X07Episode 7September 15, 2023
4X08Episode 8September 15, 2023
4X09Episode 9September 22, 2023
4X10Episode 10September 22, 2023
4X11Episode 11September 29, 2023
4X12Episode 12September 29, 2023
4X13Episode 13October 6, 2023
4X14Episode 14November 19, 2023
4X15Episode 15November 20, 2023
4X16Episode 16November 21, 2023
4X17Episode 17November 24, 2023
4X18Episode 18November 25, 2023
4X19Episode 19November 26, 2023
4X20Episode 20November 27, 2023
4X21Episode 21November 28, 2023
4X22Episode 22December 1, 2023
4X23Episode 23December 2, 2023
4X24Episode 24December 3, 2023
4X25Episode 25December 4, 2023
4X26Episode 26December 5, 2023

Dino Dana Season 4th trailer

Watch live teaser which describes how will look upcoming season of drama adventure action. Amazon Video will release official video near the premiere date.