El Internado: Las Cumbres Season 4: News, Premiere Date, Cast, Spoilers, Episodes

Ahead of the Season third finale, Prime has announced the fate of its hit thriller El Internado: Las Cumbres season 4, starring Asia Ortega.

El Internado: Las Cumbres Season 4 Release Date

El Internado: Las Cumbres season 4th not yet confirmed. If show status will be determined it would air on 04/04/2025 almost same time. Read below, what we know about the next part, including plot, rumors, news, trailer and spoilers

Countdown to Season 4 Release

Prime El Internado: Las Cumbres Season 4 premiere date and schedule

New season will consist of six episodes. They will be available online on Prime right after release. Premiere episode starting on 04/04/2025. TV Show episodes will premiere every week on Fridays. Detailed episodes list provided inside table below:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
4X01Episode 1April 4, 2025
4X02Episode 2April 4, 2025
4X03Episode 3April 4, 2025
4X04Episode 4April 4, 2025
4X05Episode 5April 4, 2025
4X06Episode 6April 4, 2025


The action takes place in a boarding school for rebellious teenagers, located next to an old monastery in a rugged region far from civilization. Lost amidst the slopes of the mountains and the dense forest, around which ominous legends circulate, the school is infamous for its harsh discipline. One day, several teenagers, including Manuel Villar, decide to escape from the boarding school through the forest. However, Manuel ends up in the hands of a mysterious man in a raven mask, and his comrades are forced to return to the school without him.

Who will be playing in the next season 4th?

Most of the cast probably appear in the fourth season. Amaia Torres role will be played Asia Ortega and Paul Uribe will play a Albert Salazar. In addition, Alberto Amarilla (Brother Elias), star Daniela Rubio will be playing Adele Uribe, star Natalia Dicenta as Mara, Daniel Arias (Eric), Elvira role will take Mina El Hammani, León will be played by actor Joel Bosqued, Julio Ramírez will be played by actor Gonzalo Díez and Manuel "Manu" Villar will take Carlos Alcaide.

Is the trailer of El Internado: Las Cumbres Season 4 released?

Watch live video describing upcoming season of TV series.