Helved Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Ahead of the Season 1st finale, Prime has revealed its hit drama Helved season second, starring Charter McCloskey.

Helved Season 2 Release Date

Helved creator Penelope Julie Bruun Bjerregaard hasn't yet ruled out a season second for the drama TV Show. If a renewal will be confirmed it expected at 14/09/2023 almost same time as previous. Read below, what we know about the new season, including episodes number, spoilers, news, schedule and rumors

Countdown to Season 2 Release

When is the Helved Season 2 release date?

Season 2 will consist of six episodes, that will be released online on Prime. Pilot episode will start in 14/09/2023. TV Series episodes will release weekly on Thursdays. Greater detail schedule provided in this table.

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
2X01Episode 1September 14, 2023
2X02Episode 2September 14, 2023
2X03Episode 3September 14, 2023
2X04Episode 4September 14, 2023
2X05Episode 5September 14, 2023
2X06Episode 6September 14, 2023

Helved Season 2nd trailer

Watch live video trailer which describes how will look new part of Helved filmed by Prime. Official video will be released near the release date.

Helved Season 2 Expected Cast

We're expecting practically identical cast to return in the next season as well. Charter McCloskey will be back as Albert alongside Sofie Stougaard (Jytte). You should also totally expect to see Karen Lis Ahrenkiel (Farmor), Uffe Rørbæk Madsen (Jens), Dennis role will be played Kasper Gross and Miri Ann Beuschel (Ida).

About Helved

Amidst the bleak and dreary landscapes of Jutland, Albert's heart yearned for the vibrant and bustling streets of Copenhagen. In pursuit of a more fulfilling existence, he moved away from the countryside to carve out a new life for himself. However, fate had other plans in store for him, and he found himself once again returning to his roots to celebrate his demented grandmother's 80th birthday.

As he stepped onto the dilapidated family farm, memories of his past flooded back to him. But something felt off this time around. Like a fly trapped in amber, he found himself caught in a perplexing time loop, reliving the same family gathering over and over again. The sense of deja vu was overwhelming, and he couldn't shake the feeling that he was stuck in some sort of twisted nightmare.