Kamen Rider Black Sun Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Everything We Know So Far

Prime reported plans for Kamen Rider Black Sun season 2.

Kamen Rider Black Sun Season 2 Release Date

Kamen Rider Black Sun Series season 2 renewal status unrevealed. After confirmation it will return at October 27, 2023 near the same time. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to Season 2 Release

Kamen Rider Black Sun Season 2nd trailer: watch the early footage

At the moment, presented below video is very relevant to upcoming season of TV series. Official video trailer will come out few weeks before the start date.

When will Kamen Rider Black Sun Season 2nd return?

The continuing of drama TV Series will consist of 10 total episodes, that will be released live from Prime. Pilot episode starts on October 27, 2023. Series episodes will premiere every week on Fridays. Greater detail episodes list provided below:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
2X01Episode 1October 27, 2023
2X02Episode 2October 27, 2023
2X03Episode 3October 27, 2023
2X04Episode 4October 27, 2023
2X05Episode 5October 27, 2023
2X06Episode 6October 27, 2023
2X07Episode 7October 27, 2023
2X08Episode 8October 27, 2023
2X09Episode 9October 27, 2023
2X10Episode 10October 27, 2023

Kamen Rider Black Sun Season 2 Expected Cast

The essential characters will return, as well as few additional faces. Kotaro Minami will be played by actor Hidetoshi Nishijima alongside Nobuhiko Akizuki role will be played Tomoya Nakamura.

Kamen Rider Black Sun synopsis

The year is 2022. Half a century has passed since the government declared the coexistence of humans and Kaijin. In times of chaos, a girl named Aoi Izumi, a young human rights activist who appeals for the abolition of discrimination, meets a man. Kotaro Minami, the candidate for the next Creation King and a byproduct of the "Black Sun"'s existence.The truth about Creation King and the Kaijin hidden within 50 years of history, and another imprisoned Creation King candidate, Shadowmoon, AKA Nobuhiko Akizuki. His encounter and reunion with Kotaro will eventually break the status quo within society.