Karakuri Circus Season 2: What We Know So Far

After the Season 1 finale, Amazon Video has handed out plans for its hit adventure Karakuri Circus season second, starring Rikiya Koyama.

Karakuri Circus Season 2 Release Date

Karakuri Circus creator Satoshi Nishimura hasn't yet ruled out a season 2 for the adventure TV Series. After confirmation it expected at 2025-08-07 near the same time as previous. Here's everything we know about the next season of the Satoshi Nishimura's adventure.

Countdown to Season 2 Release

Karakuri Circus Season 2 release date: when will the new episodes arrive?

Upcoming season will once again be made up of thirty-six total episodes, that will be released at Amazon Video on demand. Pilot episode will start in 2025-08-07. TV Show episodes will release every week on Thursdays. Detailed schedule provided inside table below:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
2X01Episode 1August 7, 2025
2X02Episode 2August 14, 2025
2X03Episode 3August 21, 2025
2X04Episode 4August 28, 2025
2X05Episode 5September 4, 2025
2X06Episode 6September 11, 2025
2X07Episode 7September 18, 2025
2X08Episode 8September 25, 2025
2X09Episode 9October 2, 2025
2X10Episode 10October 9, 2025
2X11Episode 11October 16, 2025
2X12Episode 12October 23, 2025
2X13Episode 13November 6, 2025
2X14Episode 14November 13, 2025
2X15Episode 15November 27, 2025
2X16Episode 16December 4, 2025
2X17Episode 17December 11, 2025
2X18Episode 18December 18, 2025
2X19Episode 19December 25, 2025
2X20Episode 20January 1, 2026
2X21Episode 21January 8, 2026
2X22Episode 22January 15, 2026
2X23Episode 23January 22, 2026
2X24Episode 24January 29, 2026
2X25Episode 25February 5, 2026
2X26Episode 26February 12, 2026
2X27Episode 27February 19, 2026
2X28Episode 28February 26, 2026
2X29Episode 29March 5, 2026
2X30Episode 30March 12, 2026
2X31Episode 31March 19, 2026
2X32Episode 32March 26, 2026
2X33Episode 33April 2, 2026
2X34Episode 34April 9, 2026
2X35Episode 35April 16, 2026
2X36Episode 36April 23, 2026

Cast and characters season 2nd

Some unexpected members might also appear in the second season of the TV Series. Narumi Katou will be played Rikiya Koyama alongside Masaru Saiga will be played Chihiro Ueda. In addition, Kaito Ishikawa as Hiroo Nakamachi, Nozomu Sasaki (Christophe Guy Lesch), Ming-Xia Liang role will play a Yoshino Nanjou, Romi Paku (Lucille Berneuil), Shinobu Nakamachi role will take Hisao Egawa, Zenji Saiga role will take Akio Ootsuka, Talanda Liselotte Tachibana role will be played Tomoyo Kurosawa and Tomokazu Seki (Baiyin).

Karakuri Circus Season 2nd trailer and announcement

At the time of writing, this video trailer is most accurate to upcoming season of series.

What is Karakuri Circus about?

The protagonist of the story, Masaru, recently inherited a large fortune from his deceased father. However, trouble does not come alone, because now people are hunting for Masaru, trying to get to the inheritance by all means. Fortunately, Masaru is rescued by his friend Narumi, who practically saves him from death. During their escape, they learn that they are not actually being hunted by humans, but by humanoid puppets with supernatural powers. They have already managed to corner Masaru, but then a new figure appears on the scene. Shirogane, Masaru's sentinel, arrived from France along with her deadly companion, a puppet named Harlequin.