Kokkoku Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Plot - What We Know So Far

Will the anime series starring Chika Anzai return for season 2 on Prime?

Kokkoku Season 2 Release Date

Kokkoku TV Series season 2nd renewal status remain unrevealed. If a renewal will be confirmed it would air at April 11th, 2025 almost same time as previous. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to Season 2 Release

Kokkoku Season 2 cast

The main actors should return. Chika Anzai will be back as Juri Yukawa alongside Asami Seto (Shōko Majima). As well as Ryūto Iwata as Makoto Yukawa, Takafumi Yukawa role will be played Kouji Tsujitani, Junji Sagawa will play a Hozumi Gôda, Kazuhiro Yamaji (Old Man), Sako role will be played Hiroyuki Yoshino, Yuya Uchida as Shiomi and Tsubasa Yukawa will take Hirofumi Nojima.

Kokkoku Season 2nd release date: when will the new episodes arrive?

The returning of thriller Series will once again be made up of 12 episodes, that will be released live from Prime. Premiere episode starting in April 11th, 2025. TV Series episodes will premiere weekly on Saturdays. Detailed episodes list provided inside table below:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
2X01Episode 1April 11, 2025
2X02Episode 2April 19, 2025
2X03Episode 3April 26, 2025
2X04Episode 4May 3, 2025
2X05Episode 5May 10, 2025
2X06Episode 6May 17, 2025
2X07Episode 7May 24, 2025
2X08Episode 8May 31, 2025
2X09Episode 9June 7, 2025
2X10Episode 10June 14, 2025
2X11Episode 11June 21, 2025
2X12Episode 12June 28, 2025

Kokkoku Season 2nd trailer: watch the early footage

Right now, this video is most relevant to upcoming part of Kokkoku. Official video will come out few weeks before the start date.

About Series

Juri Yukawa's family is far from happy. Her father drinks, her grandfather is retired, her brother is reclusive, and her sister is a single mother. Juri herself is a failed office worker who has flunked numerous job interviews. One day, Juri's nephew and brother are kidnapped and the kidnappers demand a large amount of cash in a short amount of time. Desperate, Juri's grandfather reveals a family secret: an artifact that can stop time. However, the family soon discovers they are not the only ones with this power. The mystery deepens as they navigate their newfound ability and the dangers that come with it.