Modern Love: Mumbai Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Everything We Know So Far

Prime reported data about Modern Love: Mumbai season second.

Modern Love: Mumbai Season 2 Release Date

There is no official data about 2nd season of Modern Love: Mumbai TV Series at the moment. If ratings permitting it would air on May 10th, 2024 near the same time as previous. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to Season 2 Release

Modern Love: Mumbai Season 2 release date

Next season will consist of 10 episodes, that will be available online on Prime. Pilot episode starting on May 10th, 2024. Series episodes will premiere on Fridays. Greater detail episodes list provided in this table.

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
2X01Episode 1May 10, 2024
2X02Episode 2May 10, 2024
2X03Episode 3May 10, 2024
2X04Episode 4May 10, 2024
2X05Episode 5May 10, 2024
2X06Episode 6May 10, 2024
2X07Episode 7May 10, 2024
2X08Episode 8May 10, 2024
2X09Episode 9May 10, 2024
2X10Episode 10May 10, 2024

Is there a video trailer of Modern Love: Mumbai Season 2 available?

Watch online teaser describing new season of TV Show. Prime network will release official video few weeks before the start date.


The intricacies and complexities of human connection and love are expounded upon in Modern Love Mumbai. The exploration of six distinct yet universally relatable stories, depicting love in its multifaceted forms, be it romantic, platonic, parental, sexual, familial, marital, or even self-love, is the driving force of this captivating edition. Drawing inspiration from the esteemed and cherished New York Times column, Modern Love Mumbai, with its unflinching approach, unveils the beauty and complications inherent in love, set against the backdrop of the bustling city of dreams, Mumbai. The poignancy of each narrative is further amplified by the masterful and evocative storytelling that encapsulates the essence of love and human connection.

Modern Love: Mumbai Season 2 cast

Some unexpected members may also join the second season of the TV Series. Rano will be played Byun Yongseop alongside Choi In will be played Choi In. Together with Baek Sunwoo as Baekgyeul, Oh Yejun (Yejun), Seungyeop role will be played by actor Choi Seungyeop, Won Hyuk role will be played Won Hyuk, Wonjun will be played by actor Lee Wonjun and Choi Youngmin as Romin.