The Inside Man Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Everything We Know So Far

Amazon reported the fate of The Inside Man season 6.

The Inside Man Season 6 Release Date

There is no exact information about 6th season of The Inside Man TV Series at the moment. If it were decided to continue it will back on 26/03/2025 almost same time as previous. Read below, everything we know about the next part, including trailer, news, schedule, rumors and episodes number

Countdown to Season 6 Release


What is The Inside Man?The Inside Man series started out as a challenge: ‘is it possible to create a drama about information security that rivals anything seen on Netflix?'The result was The Inside Man, Season 1, a twelve episode storyline, featuring Mark, a relatable anti-hero hacker who has been tasked by a sinister ‘controller' to infiltrate a company and help bring it down. Like all the best-loved TV dramas, the key to success was a binge-worthy, gripping storyline with a cast of funny, heroic, resourceful, colorful and skilled characters, whose exploits just had to be reprised for a second and third season. The rest, as they say, is history. The Inside Man ‘family' have now reunited for a fifth season that sees them taking on cyber threats in far-flung parts of the globe. All the adventure, drama and action show no signs of slowing anytime soon. Join us!

When will The Inside Man Season 6th be back?

Season sixth will consist of 10 total episodes. They will be available to stream on Amazon on demand immediately after release. Pilot episode will start in 26/03/2025. Series episodes will release weekly on Tuesdays. More detailed schedule presented in this table:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
6X01Episode 1March 26, 2025
6X02Episode 2March 26, 2025
6X03Episode 3March 26, 2025
6X04Episode 4March 26, 2025
6X05Episode 5March 26, 2025
6X06Episode 6March 26, 2025
6X07Episode 7March 26, 2025
6X08Episode 8March 26, 2025
6X09Episode 9March 26, 2025
6X10Episode 10March 26, 2025
6X11Episode 11March 26, 2025
6X12Episode 12March 26, 2025

The Inside Man Season 6th cast: Who is returning?

The essential actors must return, may as well as few additional actors. Mark will be played by actor Benjamin Adnams alongside AJ role will be played by actor Abe Jarman.

The Inside Man Season 6 trailer

Watch online video first look of new season of TV series filmed by Amazon. Official teaser will be uploaded few weeks before the start date.