Tokyo Alice Season 2 - Everything You Need to Know

Will the romance series starring Mizuki Yamamoto return for season second on Prime Video?

Tokyo Alice Season 2 Release Date

There is no the precise information about second season of Tokyo Alice TV Series now. If a renewal will be confirmed we're expecting it to land at Friday, October 11, 2024 same time as previous. All information about new part created by Takeo Kikuchi in this article.

Countdown to Season 2 Release

The Plot

Four former classmates rent an apartment in Tokyo and try to find their own way in life. Arisagawa Fuu works for a design company and spends most of her salary on clothes. Hada Mizuho draws manga. Sakuragawa Rio practices in psychological medicine. Enjouji Sayuri works at a gallery in Ginza.

Who’s going to be in the cast for Tokyo Alice season 2?

The main cast should back, as well as few new faces. Fu Arisugawa role will play a Mizuki Yamamoto alongside Mizuho Haneda role will take Reina Triendl. Together with Aya Asahina as Sayuri Enjyoji, star Shuntaro Yanagi as Yuusuke Kashii, star Shunya Shiraishi will be playing Shun Odagiri, Yosuke Sugino (Atsuto Izumi), star Aimi Satsukawa as Tamaki Sawamura, Rio Sakuragawa role will take Maryjun Takahashi, star Daitou Shunsuke will be playing Akira Hiyama and Ryohei Otani (Shinji Okuzono).

Tokyo Alice Season 2nd trailer: is there a teaser yet?

Now, given below video is very accurate to new part of series. Official video trailer will come out one month before the premiere date.

Prime Video Tokyo Alice Season 2 release date: when will the new episodes arrive?

Upcoming season will once again be made up of 12 total episodes. They will be available to stream on Prime Video on demand just after release. Pilot episode will start in Friday, October 11, 2024. Series episodes will premiere on Fridays. Detailed episodes list presented below.

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
2X01Episode 1October 11, 2024
2X02Episode 2October 11, 2024
2X03Episode 3October 18, 2024
2X04Episode 4October 25, 2024
2X05Episode 5November 1, 2024
2X06Episode 6November 8, 2024
2X07Episode 7November 15, 2024
2X08Episode 8November 22, 2024
2X09Episode 9November 29, 2024
2X10Episode 10December 6, 2024
2X11Episode 11December 13, 2024
2X12Episode 12December 20, 2024