Tumble Leaf Season 4 Premiere Date

Will the children series starring Addie Zintel return for season 4th on Amazon Video?

Tumble Leaf Season 4 Release Date

Tumble Leaf creator Drew Hodges not yet verified season 4th for the children. If it were decided to renew we should see it on 2024-08-06 almost same time as third. All information about next part created by Drew Hodges below.

Countdown to Season 4 Release

About Tumble Leaf

In the vast expanse of children's programming, Tumble Leaf stands out as a series specifically tailored to the curious minds of preschoolers. It takes place in a fantastical realm, where a diminutive, azure-colored fox named Fig engages in a series of play-based explorations, uncovering boundless avenues for adventure, camaraderie, and even affection at every twist and turn in the path. By watching this program, youngsters will not only be thoroughly entertained but also learn to embrace the concept of play and fully immerse themselves in the joyous process of acquiring knowledge and apprehending the multifaceted aspects of the world around them.

Tumble Leaf Season 4 cast

We expect almost the same characters to return in the next season as well. Addie Zintel will be back as Pine alongside Christopher Downs as Fig. You should also totally expect to see John Taylor as Gourd the Turtle, Buckeye the Beaver role will play a Skyler Brigmann, actor Brooke Wolloff as Maple, Zac McDowell as Hedge, actor Alex Trugman will be playing Ginko, Emily Downs (Butternut), actor Alan Franzenburg will be playing Zucchini and Rutabaga role will be played by actor Jodi Downs.

Tumble Leaf Season 4 premiere date and schedule

New season will consist of 13 total episodes. They will be accessible online on Amazon Video immediately after release. Premiere episode starting on 2024-08-06. TV Show episodes will release every week on Fridays. Detailed schedule provided below:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
4X01Episode 1August 6, 2024
4X02Episode 2August 6, 2024
4X03Episode 3August 6, 2024
4X04Episode 4August 6, 2024
4X05Episode 5August 6, 2024
4X06Episode 6August 6, 2024
4X07Episode 7August 6, 2024
4X08Episode 8August 6, 2024
4X09Episode 9August 6, 2024
4X10Episode 10August 6, 2024
4X11Episode 11August 6, 2024
4X12Episode 12August 6, 2024
4X13Episode 13August 6, 2024

Tumble Leaf Season 4 trailer: When can I watch it?

Now, given below video is very relevant to next part of Tumble Leaf. Official video will be released one month before the start date.