Anime e Sangue Season 2 Release Date

Prime Video reported data about Anime e Sangue season 2.

Anime e Sangue Season 2 Release Date

Anime e Sangue TV Show season 2 not yet renewed. If it were decided to continue it expected on 2023-10-09 almost same time. Here's what we know about the upcoming part of the Simone Formicola's fantasy.

Countdown to Season 2 Release

Actors and characters season 2nd

The key characters will back, may as well as few additional faces. Pan role will take Perla Ambrosini alongside Sariel will play a Simone Formicola. Together with Enea Barozzi (Pan (Spirito)), Cyrano will take Marco Maccieri, Oz role will be played Paolo Grossi and Erzsebeth Bathory role will play a Zoe Pernici.

Anime e Sangue Season 2 release date: when will the new episodes arrive?

Season second will consist of 5 episodes, that will be aired at Prime Video on demand. Premiere episode starting in 2023-10-09. TV Show episodes will premiere on Mondays. Detailed schedule presented below.

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
2X01Episode 1October 9, 2023
2X02Episode 2October 9, 2023
2X03Episode 3October 9, 2023
2X04Episode 4October 9, 2023
2X05Episode 5October 9, 2023

Anime e Sangue Season 2 trailer and announcement

Watch live teaser about upcoming season of TV series. Prime Video network will upload official video trailer near the start date.

What is Anime e Sangue about?

Peter Pan, Cyrano, the Scarecrow from Oz and other famous characters find themselves trapped in our world. The mysterious Sariel offers them a chance to go back to their homes: in exchange they will have to accomplish a mission, find and steal the Shaper.