Annedroids Season 5 When Will It Release? What Is The Cast?

Will the adventure series starring Addison Holley return for season fifth on Amazon Video?

Annedroids Season 5 Release Date

Annedroids creator J.J. Johnson hasn't yet ruled out a season 5 for the action. If ratings permitting it will back at 2025-02-21 almost same time as previous. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to Season 5 Release

What is Annedroids about?

Anne, a precocious eleven-year-old genius and budding scientist, has successfully constructed a remarkable group of androids. Nick stumbles upon Anne's clandestine junkyard laboratory and recruits the assistance of Shania to establish rapport with Anne and her mechanical creations. Together, as a team, they work to find practical solutions to Anne's scientific dilemmas.

Amazon Video Annedroids Season 5 release date: when will the new episodes arrive?

Season 5 will consist of thirteen total episodes, that will be available online on Amazon Video. First episode starting on 2025-02-21. TV Show episodes will release every week on Fridays. Detailed episodes list provided inside table below.

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
5X01Episode 1February 21, 2025
5X02Episode 2February 21, 2025
5X03Episode 3February 21, 2025
5X04Episode 4February 21, 2025
5X05Episode 5February 21, 2025
5X06Episode 6February 21, 2025
5X07Episode 7February 21, 2025
5X08Episode 8February 21, 2025
5X09Episode 9February 21, 2025
5X10Episode 10February 21, 2025
5X11Episode 11February 21, 2025
5X12Episode 12February 21, 2025
5X13Episode 13February 21, 2025

Is there a video trailer of Annedroids Season 5th released?

At the moment, this video is very accurate to upcoming season of series. Official video will be released few weeks before the release date.

Annedroids Season 5 Expected Cast

Most of the actors is likely to appear in the 5 season. Anne Sagan role will play a Addison Holley and PAL role will be played by actor Millie Davis. You should also totally expect to see Jadiel Dowlin (Nick Clegg), Shania role will take Adrianna Di Liello and Raven Dauda (Maggie Clegg).