The Stinky & Dirty Show Season 3 Release Date, Cast, News and More

Ahead of the Season 2nd finale, Prime Video has revealed its children The Stinky & Dirty Show season 3rd, starring Jaden Betts.

The Stinky & Dirty Show Season 3 Release Date

The Stinky & Dirty Show creator Jake Monaco not yet renewed season 3 for the comedy TV Show. If it were decided to continue it will back on 2023-08-18 near the same time as 2nd. Here's what we know so far about upcoming part, including trailer, schedule, spoilers, cast and news.

Countdown to Season 3 Release

The Plot

The Stinky & Dirty Show follows the adventures and mishaps faced by best friends and unlikely heroes, Stinky the garbage truck and Dirty, the backhoe loader. The series is written and developed by Guy Toubes (The Adventures of Chuck & Friends, Littlest Pet Shop, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi) and animated by Brown Bag Films, Ltd (Peter Rabbit, Octonauts, Doc McStuffins). The Stinky & Dirty Show features original music from acclaimed folk singer and songwriter Dan Bern and celebrity voice talent, including Whoopi Goldberg (The View), Jane Lynch (Glee), Andy Richter (Arrested Development), Joan Cusack (Shameless) and Wallace Shawn (Toy Story). The newest original preschool series to foster lifelong creative learning, the series' curriculum was developed by Dr. Alice Wilder and Jessica Lahey, author of the New York Times best-seller The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed, on which the curriculum is based.

The Stinky & Dirty Show Season 3 cast: Who is returning?

We wait similar characters to return in the 3 season. Stinky role will take Jaden Betts alongside Stinky will be played by actor Issac Ryan Brown. As well as Jacob Guenther as Dirty and Jet Jurgensmeyer as Dirty.

The Stinky & Dirty Show Season 3 trailer: When can I watch it?

Watch live video trailer about new season of TV Show filmed by Prime Video.

The Stinky & Dirty Show Season 3rd release date and schedule

The continuing of TV Show will consist of 29 episodes, that will be aired live from Prime Video. Premiere episode starting in 2023-08-18. TV Show episodes will premiere every week on Thursdays. More detailed episodes list presented in this table.

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
3X01Episode 1August 18, 2023
3X02Episode 2August 18, 2023
3X03Episode 3August 18, 2023
3X04Episode 4August 18, 2023
3X05Episode 5August 18, 2023
3X06Episode 6August 18, 2023
3X07Episode 7August 18, 2023
3X08Episode 8August 18, 2023
3X09Episode 9August 18, 2023
3X10Episode 10November 7, 2023
3X11Episode 11May 8, 2024
3X12Episode 12May 8, 2024
3X13Episode 13May 8, 2024
3X14Episode 14May 8, 2024
3X15Episode 15May 8, 2024
3X16Episode 16May 8, 2024
3X17Episode 17December 14, 2024
3X18Episode 18December 14, 2024
3X19Episode 19December 14, 2024
3X20Episode 20December 14, 2024
3X21Episode 21December 14, 2024
3X22Episode 22December 14, 2024
3X23Episode 23December 14, 2024
3X24Episode 24May 17, 2025
3X25Episode 25May 17, 2025
3X26Episode 26May 17, 2025
3X27Episode 27May 17, 2025
3X28Episode 28May 17, 2025
3X29Episode 29May 17, 2025