Manhãs de Setembro Season 3 When Will It Release? What Is The Cast?

Will the drama series starring Liniker return for season 3 on Prime Video?

Manhãs de Setembro Season 3 Release Date

There is no the precise info about 3rd season of Manhãs de Setembro now. If show status will be determined it will back at June 21st, 2024 near the same time as 2nd. Here's all we know so far about new part, including news, spoilers, rumors, cast and episodes number.

Countdown to Season 3 Release

The Plot

A year ago, a transgender woman named Cassandra left the country town and moved to Sao Paulo. She now works as a courier, is in a romantic relationship with Ivaldo, and attends a local nightclub where she acts as a shy singer under the pseudonym Vanusa. Gradually, Cassandra's life begins to improve, but soon she unexpectedly meets Leyde, a close friend from the past. Very soon it turns out that Leyde arrived in Sao Paulo with 10-year-old Guercinho, Cassandra's own son, whose existence she did not suspect.

When will Manhãs de Setembro Season 3 be back?

Season third will once again be made up of six total episodes, that will be released live from Prime Video. Premiere episode will start on June 21st, 2024. Series episodes will release weekly on Fridays. Detailed schedule presented below:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
3X01Episode 1June 21, 2024
3X02Episode 2June 21, 2024
3X03Episode 3June 21, 2024
3X04Episode 4June 21, 2024
3X05Episode 5June 21, 2024
3X06Episode 6June 21, 2024

Who will be playing in the next season 3rd?

We are expecting similar actors to return in the 3rd season as well. Cassandra role will be played Liniker and Ivaldo role will be played by actor Thomas Aquino. You should also totally expect to see Isa Ordoñez (Grazy), Gersinho role will be played by actor Gustavo Coelho, actor Karine Teles will be playing Leide, Paulo Miklos (Décio), Gero Camilo (Aristides), Pedrita will take Linn da Quebrada and Roberta will play a Clodd Dias.

Is there a video trailer of Manhãs de Setembro Season 3 released?

Watch live video trailer which describes how will look new part of series filmed by Prime Video.