Map for the Wedding Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Everything We Know So Far

Will the drama series starring Wakana Aoi return for season 2 on Prime Video?

Map for the Wedding Season 2 Release Date

There is no official information about 2nd season of Map for the Wedding Series now. If ratings permitting we should see it on October 4th, 2024 near the same time as 1st. All you need to know about a possible new part of the Prime Video drama.

Countdown to Season 2 Release

Map for the Wedding Season 2nd cast

Some unexpected characters may also join the next season as well. 本城寺 莉香 will take Wakana Aoi and 大原 拓也 will be played by actor Kanta Sato. As well as Sayaka Yamaguchi as 黒川 麻子, 大沢亮二 will take Shuichiro Naito, 本城寺律 will play a Sei Matobu, 進士 奨 role will be played by actor Kanro Morita, star Eri Tokunaga as 江間カオリ, Ui Mihara as 小宮 夏海, 伊槻佳祐 will play a Yoshinari Oribe and Sayuri Matsumura as 海山ナオ.

When is the Map for the Wedding Season 2 release date?

Next season will consist of 10 total episodes. They will be accessible live from Prime Video immediately after release. Premiere episode will start in October 4th, 2024. Series episodes will release every week on Fridays. More detailed schedule provided inside table below:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
2X01Episode 1October 4, 2024
2X02Episode 2October 4, 2024
2X03Episode 3October 4, 2024
2X04Episode 4October 4, 2024
2X05Episode 5October 4, 2024
2X06Episode 6October 4, 2024
2X07Episode 7October 4, 2024
2X08Episode 8October 4, 2024
2X09Episode 9October 4, 2024
2X10Episode 10October 4, 2024

Map for the Wedding Season 2 trailer: is there a teaser yet?

At the time, this video trailer is most relevant to new part of series. Official teaser will be released one month before the release date.

About TV Show

Takuya and Rika, who work in the planning department of JTC, a travel agency in the Tokyo metropolitan area, are not very good at socializing, but they lived a fulfilling life alone. However, due to the opening of a branch in Siberia, singles will be dispatched overseas with priority, and Rika who is in trouble asks Takuya for a plan. The two, who have hardly spoken, will get married after only 365 days!?