Pastewka Season 11 News, Cast, Release Date

Prime reported data about Pastewka season 11.

Pastewka Season 11 Release Date

There is no exact data about eleventh season of Pastewka Series now. If it were decided to renew we're expecting it to land on January 31st, 2025 same time as tenth. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to Season 11 Release

Pastewka Season 11 cast

Most of the actors must return for next season. Bastian Pastewka will play a Bastian Pastewka and Hagen Pastewka will be played Matthias Matschke. Along with Sabine Vitua (Regine Hold), Sonsee Neu (Annemarie "Anne" Leifert), Cristina do Rego (Kimberly "Kim" Pastewka), actor Dietrich Hollinderbäumer will be playing Volker Pastewka, Svenja Bruck role will be played by actor Bettina Lamprecht and Michael Kessler will be played Michael Kessler.

Pastewka synopsis

The narrative that has been expertly crafted centers around the eccentric and dynamic life of Bastian Pastewka, a German actor and comedian who is prone to blunders and slips due to his innate clumsiness and propensity for dishonesty. The plot is a never-ending journey through new and unexpected escapades, each more perplexing than the last. Alongside Pastewka, other equally talented and comedic actors will be seen portraying themselves in an imaginative universe, serving as both a catalyst for Pastewka's amusing and often cringe-worthy scenarios, as well as his way out of them. With their camaraderie and humor, they will showcase the true meaning of companionship and the power of laughter.

Pastewka Season 11 trailer: When will we see it?

At the time, this video trailer is most relevant to new season of TV Show. Prime media streaming platform will upload official video trailer near the premiere date.

Pastewka Season 11th release date: When is it out?

The returning of Series will consist of ten total episodes, that will be aired online on Prime. First episode starting in January 31st, 2025. Series episodes will release weekly on Fridays. More detailed schedule presented below.

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
11X01Episode 1January 31, 2025
11X02Episode 2January 31, 2025
11X03Episode 3January 31, 2025
11X04Episode 4January 31, 2025
11X05Episode 5January 31, 2025
11X06Episode 6January 31, 2025
11X07Episode 7January 31, 2025
11X08Episode 8January 31, 2025
11X09Episode 9January 31, 2025
11X10Episode 10January 31, 2025