The Canadians Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Every Latest News

Will the comedy series starring Katie Keenan return for season 2 on Amazon Video?

The Canadians Season 2 Release Date

There is no the precise data about 2nd season of The Canadians yet. After confirmation it would air at 06/12/2023 same time as 1st. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to Season 2 Release

The Canadians Season 2 cast

We expect the same characters to back in the next season. Elise will play a Katie Keenan alongside Felipe will play a Zachary Webber. You should also totally expect to see Melanie Cruz as Marie, Laura Napoli as Nat, actor Trin R. Miller as Maya, Agent Halt will play a Ethan Henry, Margo Martindale will be played J.A. Roberson, James Lontayao as Ollie and Anthony Backman as Sam.

About The Canadians

In the epoch of the enigmatic Trumpian era, a curious and bewildering tale unfolds, as two individuals, bound by marriage and secret missions, find themselves amidst a perplexing quandary. Their objective? To safeguard the grandiose and ostentatious United States of America from the ever-looming threat of the Red Maple Menace. But here's the catch - they are masquerading as Canadians, navigating the tumultuous waters of espionage with a fervor that only the brave and audacious possess. Will they succeed in their mission, or will they succumb to the treacherous and unpredictable nature of their profession? Only time will tell in this captivating and bursty account of deceit, danger, and devotion.

The Canadians Season 2 premiere date and episodes list

Season 2 will consist of ten episodes. They will be accessible live from Amazon Video right after release. First episode starting in 06/12/2023. TV Show episodes will premiere on Mondays. Greater detail episodes list provided in this table.

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
2X01Episode 1December 6, 2023
2X02Episode 2December 8, 2023
2X03Episode 3December 10, 2023
2X04Episode 4December 13, 2023
2X05Episode 5December 15, 2023
2X06Episode 6December 20, 2023
2X07Episode 7December 23, 2023
2X08Episode 8December 30, 2023
2X09Episode 9January 6, 2024
2X10Episode 10January 8, 2024

The Canadians Season 2nd trailer: When can I watch it?

Watch online video trailer which describes how will look upcoming season of The Canadians. Official teaser will be uploaded near the release date.