Tokyo Vampire Hotel Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast and More

Will the supernatural series starring Kaho return for season second on Amazon Video?

Tokyo Vampire Hotel Season 2 Release Date

Tokyo Vampire Hotel creator Sion Sono not yet verified season 2nd for the drama TV Series. If a renewal will be confirmed it will back on June 9, 2023 same time as 1st. All you really need to know so far about a possible next season of the Amazon Video drama.

Countdown to Season 2 Release

Tokyo Vampire Hotel Season 2 trailer: watch the early footage

Right now, presented below video is most accurate to new season of TV series.


Manami is targeted by vampires on her 22nd birthday and K, who possesses tremendous power, tries to save her in a raging battle. On that day, young men and women are invited to Hotel Requiem where a huge nationwide matchmaking convention is being held by the mysterious Yamada. He lives and runs this ornately beautiful, palatial hotel with a bizarre empress and Elizabeth Báthory. Then Yamada suddenly declares to the gathered crowd that tomorrow will be the apocalypse and only the people inside this hotel will be saved.

Tokyo Vampire Hotel Season 2 cast: Who's in it?

The key characters most likely back. K will play a Kaho alongside Yamada will take Shin'nosuke Mitsushima. Along with Yumi Adachi (Empress), Elizabeth Báthory will be played by actor Megumi Kagurazaka and Ami Tomite (Manami).

Tokyo Vampire Hotel Season 2 release date: When is it out?

New season will once again be made up of 10 total episodes. They will be available to stream live from Amazon Video just after release. Pilot episode starts on June 9, 2023. TV Show episodes will release on Fridays. Greater detail episodes list provided in this table:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
2X01Episode 1June 9, 2023
2X02Episode 2June 9, 2023
2X03Episode 3June 9, 2023
2X04Episode 4June 9, 2023
2X05Episode 5June 9, 2023
2X06Episode 6June 9, 2023
2X07Episode 7June 9, 2023
2X08Episode 8June 9, 2023
2X09Episode 9June 9, 2023
2X10Episode 10June 9, 2023