Hand of God Season 3 Guide to Release Date, Cast News and Spoilers

After the Season 2nd finale, Amazon Prime has informed about plans for its hit Hand of God season third, starring Ron Perlman.

Hand of God Season 3 Release Date

Hand of God season 3 renewal status secret. After confirmation we should see it at Friday, February 28, 2025 almost same time as previous. Everything you need to know so far about a possible upcoming season of the Amazon Prime crime.

Countdown to Season 3 Release

Characters and cast season 3

Some new characters can also join the 3rd season of the TV Series. Ron Perlman will be back as Judge Pernell Harris alongside Alona Tal as Jocelyn Harris. In addition, Elizabeth McLaughlin as Alicia Hopkins, Robert "Bobo" Boston will take Andre Royo, Garret Dillahunt as KD Dennison, actor Dana Delany will be playing Crystal Harris, Reverend Paul Curtis will be played by actor Julian Morris, Shane Caldwell role will be played by actor Wes Chatham and Emayatzy E. Corinealdi as Tessie Graham.

Amazon Prime Hand of God Season 3 release date: When is it out?

The continuing of crime TV Series will once again be made up of 10 total episodes, that will be aired online on Amazon Prime. Pilot episode starting in Friday, February 28, 2025. TV Show episodes will release every week on Fridays. More detailed schedule provided inside table below:

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
3X01Episode 1February 28, 2025
3X02Episode 2February 28, 2025
3X03Episode 3February 28, 2025
3X04Episode 4February 28, 2025
3X05Episode 5February 28, 2025
3X06Episode 6February 28, 2025
3X07Episode 7February 28, 2025
3X08Episode 8February 28, 2025
3X09Episode 9February 28, 2025
3X10Episode 10February 28, 2025


Pernell Harris, a man of great influence and reverence within his circle, resides in a mundane provincial town. One fateful morning, a San Vicente police sergeant stumbles upon an enigmatic sight: a naked man submerged within a fountain, fervently invoking a prayer to the heavens. This man, upon further inspection, is none other than Judge Pernell Harris himself - a man whose sanity, according to sources close to him, is slowly unraveling.

The root cause of Harris' instability stems from an immense tragedy that has befallen his family. His son bore witness to the heinous act of his own wife's rape, a trauma that nearly drove him to the brink of suicide. Though he managed to cling to life, he now exists in a vegetative state from which he may never awaken. Despite the dire prognosis, Pernell remains steadfast in his belief that his son will one day make a miraculous recovery, even hearing his voice within his mind.

Hand of God Season 3rd trailer: When will we see it?

Watch live video which describes how will look new season of drama crime. Amazon Prime media services provider will share official video few weeks before the release date.