You Are Wanted Season 3: Release Date, Cast, News, Spoilers

Amazon revealed plans for You Are Wanted season 3rd.

You Are Wanted Season 3 Release Date

You Are Wanted creator Hanno Hackfort hasn't yet ruled out a season 3 for the thriller TV Series. If a renewal will be confirmed it will return at Friday, May 9, 2025 same time as second. Here's all we know so far about the new season of the Hanno Hackfort's thriller.

Countdown to Season 3 Release

You Are Wanted Season 3 trailer: When can I watch it?

At the moment, given below video is very relevant to new season of TV series. Official teaser will be released near the start date.

The Plot

Lukas Franke is a hotel manager who became the victim of a cybercriminal attack. All of his personal data and social profiles were hacked. However, that was not the end of his troubles, as Lucas was also falsely accused of being involved in eco-terrorism due to the hacker's attack cutting off electricity throughout Berlin. Despite his efforts to prove his innocence, no one, not even his friends and family, believed him. In a last-ditch attempt for help, he turned to his brother, who sent him to hacker Dalton. Meanwhile, officers Siebert and Jansen began a thorough investigation into the incident. Lucas eventually found himself in Frankfurt, where he met Lena Arandt, another victim of a cyberattack. Together, they discovered that the federal criminal police department was behind the crime.

Amazon You Are Wanted Season 3 release date: when will the new episodes arrive?

Season third will consist of 6 episodes. They will be available to stream live from Amazon right after release. Pilot episode starts on Friday, May 9, 2025. TV Show episodes will premiere every week on Fridays. Detailed episodes list provided in this table.

Episode NumberEpisode TitleAmazon Release Date
3X01Episode 1May 9, 2025
3X02Episode 2May 9, 2025
3X03Episode 3May 9, 2025
3X04Episode 4May 9, 2025
3X05Episode 5May 9, 2025
3X06Episode 6May 9, 2025

You Are Wanted Season 3rd Expected Cast

We wait exactly the same characters to back in the 3rd season may as well. Lukas Franke role will be played by actor Matthias Schweighöfer and Hanna Franke will play a Alexandra Maria Lara. Together with Michael Landes as U.S. Cyber Command Chief, Jessica Schwarz as Nelly Hallaska, Hannah Hoekstra as Angel and Lena Arandt role will take Karoline Herfurth.